Random Sampling


Another happy, empty night.
My world consists of one-fourth of a table
    in the evening hour universe of Odette’s
A multi-mixture of dinner people,
    bar people
        on the make people,
            lonely people –
while Jack and the rest play
    cheek-to-cheek –
unaware of the appropriateness of the symbolism
I proclaim a universal madness
Seen only through the eyes
And my own gentle insanity. 


Years pass quickly.
Twenty five years later I return
    to recapture my past –
Provide a reality test for memories.
Everything has changed.
    Only the ghosts of poets past remain.
Music is still played on the piano,
But Jack jumped over the candle stick
    and only empty nights remain the same.
I walk out the front door.
The sound of it closing
Reminds me of all the other doors
    that I have closed.
The only real insanity is the passing of time.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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