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Writing about love was my dad's favorite poetic medium.  He wrote of love lost, love yet to be discovered, unrequited love, passionate love and love everlasting. In total he put his heart into over 100 poems dedicated to this topic. He addressed his propensity to write love poems in the introduction to his book Rhymes of Romance, Poems of Passion.

"I am often asked why I write so much love poetry. As I said earlier, the essence of poetry is to communicate feelings and emotions. In my life I have been fortunate to feel and experience may different manifestations of love - love of family, love of friends, love of religion, love of knowledge, love of community, and the elusive love of self. In writing poems of love, I looked into and held out a gentle mirror of words, words to reflect all the intense feelings and the many facets of love, the pulse of human life. This intensity and range of feelings are expressed in the poem Love Is."

~ Robert E. Kogan

Love Is

Love is like a river that flows into the sea
Oceans of emotions that form a symphony -
Longing, yearning, hurting, seeking company
To sing a lovers song in two part harmony.

Love is the promised vision when sight itself is blind -
For where love is found,
            pain is sure to follow close behind.
Love is always changing; it evolves and grows
Becoming both the flower, and the thorn upon the rose.

Love lasts forever regardless of how brief.
For hearts are filled with wonder and with grief.
Recall each precious moment
             of the wonder of its starting,
And the sadness felt deep inside
             when the time came for its parting.

As minutes become days and as days become our years
Love becomes a lesson that our mind and spirit hears
As an infant becomes a child,
               and as the child begins to grow,
Love becomes the river in which our feelings flow. 

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