It takes a certain kind of security
    to get involved with books
    a passion to consume fact and fantasy
    and leave behind the experience of
It takes a certain kind of security
        to be willing to escape the present
        to run away to where dreams are real
        while pretending to be involved,
                to care about   
                    the now
a desperate need to again return to
    the future
               and always love
as if the book itself was the ending. 

Before reading books I was perfectly content
        being me.
I never thought about how lonely I am.
I never realized the depth of my sadness.

Book now threaten me.
I am now aware of the lies I live.
I no longer find security
        in reading books written by others
            they must have experienced more
            of life than I can ever
My life lies open like a book
    waiting to be read
        while resting on this lonely shelf. 
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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