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Somewhere out in cyberspace

on some obscure web page

lies the eternal fountain of youth,

just waiting always waiting

to be discovered.

Waiting for the right URL to be entered

to relive dreams saved

from our forgotten past

to explore all the todays

   that might have been

and reveal the promises we prayed

   awaited us in all of our tomorrows.


I want to find my past,

rediscover my life,

edit all that might appear on my screen,

remove the wrinkles from my flesh,

delete my illness and my pain,

restore the zest and vigor

of my passion

and DOWNLOAD the knowledge and wisdom

   I have gathered though the years

   to give to my youth who had need of it.


But I cannot find the proper address.

Each time I hit ENTER, an error

message appear

   upon  my screen.

and states FILE (of your life)


and cannot be accessed by my server.


I must not have read the small print.  The $19.95

unlimited access fee does not cover

access to the web page of my life, nor will I

always be around to pay my monthly bill.

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