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There I was, minding my own business,
When quite unexpectedly
        You entered my life.
Suddenly you were there,
        And I remembered.
You were always there,
        Taunting me, haunting me.
        Was it a dream or was it real?
Are you the missing that I feel?
Are you waiting, debating wanting me?

Whenever I tried to grasp or clutch
        Or see your face or feel your touch
You vanished from my thoughts,
To join my other distant memories.

And then you came to me.
        I heard you laugh and felt your smile.
            Your words returned to reconcile
        A distant promise of the past
        For you are real and came at last.

Like gentle rain upon my screen
Your words arrived and could be seen,
Each word became a magic tear
That I had shed year after year.

No momentous announcement,
No grand opening sale.
Ill continue doing whatever I do -
Minding my own business -
    Secure in the knowledge that
    Love is not a dream but real.
    But close enough to always be
    What might have been. 

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