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For years I have lived a fantasy
    of loving you,
        totally and completely.
A need to fill my empty space with softness.
A dream to ease the pain that comes
    from living
        without feeling
        without this fantasy.

I embrace conflicting ways:
one is sharing a night together
    to create memories
    to nurture and sustain
    and to bring you to me
when I am alone
for as long as I am capable of feeling.
The other is to give transcendence to desire
    and live a myth that makes it all so proper,
    even though both are but reflections
    of my own vain imaginings.

But in reality, if you should ever ask me
to love you,
    and passion was established
    as the boundary of desire,
    I would experience
    the completeness of contentment
and be fulfilled.

Or if you should ask that I be by your side
    and nothing more
I would welcome the opportunity
to sit at your feet,
become your servant,
inhale the fragrance of your being,
    and ask for nothing more
and love you none the less.

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