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January 11

When we were both in love, and young.
we steamed the car windows – 
sneaked home when the sun began to rise – 
and hoped no one was waiting for us.
Oh, we did lots of crazy things – 
put the top down on my convertible,
parked directly below the flight path,
as close as possible to where the planes landed,
where the winds from the engines blew our hair.
It took hours to hear again.
We did so many foolish things,
when we were both in love, and young.

Today, it is still the same.
We’re both in love, and young.
We feel the thrill of an embrace,
and try to stay up far too late.
Our bones ache; we talk a lot – 
of new pains that we feel.
Discuss all we need to say – 
pray both of us will heal.
We laugh a lot, we cry a lot,
and steam up windows still.
We love a little differently – 
we’re a little more mature.
We have a deeper passion now – 
no longer seek a thrill.
We find love in all we do – 
and every thought we feel – 
so many things – so many ways we share.
We are both in love, and young.

January 12

I hear music every time we talk,
or when I simply think of you – 
love songs that I used to know – 
and always listened to.
    You are all the things that I hold dear.

Songs I long ago forgot
I now can hear again – 
the music that’s inside of me
comes from deep within.
    You are all the things that I hold dear.

I hear a harmony of love – 
a symphony of care – 
you surround me with your songs – 
your love is everywhere.
    You are all the things that I hold dear.

You are the poem I try to write – 
the music that I hear.
You are the art I feel inside – 
all the things that I revere.
    All the things that I hold dear!

January 13

There are days of wonder,
days of joy,
where everything seems to fit
     into a perfect plan,
     all pieces of a puzzle
     fall into place,
     as if some divine assistance
     were guiding my hand.
I write some damn good poetry!
     say bright and witty things.
     Accomplish more by accident,
     than by design.
Feel both whole and well inside.
Through all this happiness,
     I feel your love
     and treasure it more
     than anything up above.
Your love is ever by my side –
always touching me inside.

I have days of sadness
        and of fear.
Premonition that the end is near.
It’s hard to keep a smile upon my face
        when darkness seems to conquer 
and embrace.
Each moment seems to be another hour – 
the taste of sugar suddenly turns sour.
Throughout all the sadness and depression
        your love becomes my inspiration.
        like the first ray of sunlight –
        the dawn of a new day.
Your love makes all my sadness go away.
Your loves is always by my side – 
        always touching me inside.

January 14

The most powerful definition that 
I have ever heard 
defining love is:
“love is the force,
that binds the atoms of the universe

Often I feel
        the perfection of love – 
        when all its different aspects
        are equally shared.

Somewhere between the marrow,
        where the blood that flows through us 
        is created – 
                and a lover’s heart, where the atoms 
                of love reside – 
lies our mind and thoughts,
                where our feelings are defined.

When all these feelings are shared
it becomes a perfect love.

Within that special place, a touch
of jealousy is born.
I have produced that thought
        as well as you.
Both love and trust provide
        nourishment to those thoughts – 
        keep them locked and sealed within.  
They add beauty to our love.

It is the reason for both growth
        and renewal.
It is another powerful attribute of love.
        When it matures, it evolves
            and becomes fidelity.

So many thoughts we share – 
each a testimony that we care – 
love is a special kind of prayer.  
January 15

We have so many memories
            yet to be experienced.
So many dreams
        shared when we’re apart.
So many nights
        longing to be together.
So much love
        residing in my heart.

Walking barefoot along a beach together,
        collecting sand between our toes.
The low tide removes our past – forever.
Makes all our tomorrows
        the end of a rainbow.

A poet’s dream, a poet’s tears,
while searching all those lonely years –
at last the sadness disappears –
all that remains are silent fears – 
sung by distant balladeers
to a bard who no longer hears
the music played in yesteryears.

Let’s have a picnic – 
        pack a lunch and play –
Ring Around the Rosy;
        Ladybug Go Away!
Let’s skip rope together,
        and I may sneak a kiss
While riding on the carousel – 
        no time to reminisce.

A kaleidoscope of love – 
        a picture of my heart –
a melody of songs – 
        a priceless work of art.
Each thought I now have
        quickly passes by – 
but you are in them all,
        my sweet butterfly.

January 16

Whatever you do, never try to list
all the reason you love me.
You might just discover I’m not lovable at all.

You’ll start writing down all those poetic words,
stop to think awhile,
        draw a line through them,
        and try to find some other words,
but words will refuse to come.

Basically I’m a very boring man.
I sit around all day
        watching CNN
        until I fall asleep while sitting in my chair.
Time passes: I wake up for a nature call,
        eat, then sleep again.

But I do tend to think a lot,
        smile a lot,
        tell stories to myself,
imagine exciting and erotic things
        while sitting in my chair.
And always
        love a lot – 
love you each moment of the day.
Sometimes I just have to touch and
feel my hand – 
confirm the fact that I am me
        and I am real – 
then I embrace you  - for your love
        is all that I can feel.

I no longer keep a poker face.
When I get mad it shows!
        I raise my voice a lot.
        Wrinkle up my nose a lot.
Grit my teeth
while sitting in my chair.
Fighting all the dragons
        All the evil that exists
most everywhere.

And always
I love a lot.
Love you each moment of the day.

        We cry together.
    We laugh together.
        Play together.
Love each other in so many different ways.

Never list the reasons why you love me –
just hold me close,
        and never go away.
With you,
        all my dreams are real – 
and your love
        is all that I can feel.
I love you so many different ways.
January 17

The day I fell in love with you
was like any other day.
I woke up feeling indifferent – 
it was just another day.
Nothing very special.
No premonition on its way.

It was in September
on a Sunday, I recall.
In a very ordinary year,
In a very ordinary fall
You’ve lived in one, 
    you’ve lived in all.
Not one angel came to me – 
to appraise me of my destiny –
    arouse my curiosity.

We talked as we often did,
so many times before,
of poetry and other things
we love and we adore.
Nothing very special –
but then we felt a touch –
shared from within,
experienced so much –
in that simple touch
    I felt you nearness,
       your passion,
        your sorrow,
           your pain,
I felt your joy,
    your spirit
    and I felt love
        return again.
It was just another day like any other one
when two souls touched and became one.

January 18

Some things I will never forget – 
the loneliness I felt before we met.
All those years without
    feeling the warmth of love.
    Without the feel of another’s touch
    Wanting to love and give so much.
        Feelings of inadequacy deep inside of me
        Each time I reached out to touch
        And felt my hand being pushing away – 
                pushed back to me.

Some things I will never forget – 
Being your friend, wanting
so much more – 
        And your encouragement along the way.
        The subtle ways I sought your approval,
        so afraid that once again my hand would be 
                pushed away.
But you reached out and held me – 
Your hand on top of mine.
You placed them, together, first on your heart,
                    Then on your breast.
        I forgot all the words you said to me.
        I forgot all the words I said to you.

But some things I will never forget – 
I will never forget how you gave to me
All that I have ever wanted to give.
I will never forget, knowing inside,
I had finally found my love.
And knowing at last, for the very first time,
        That I, too am someone to love.
January 19

I wanted to write a poem tonight
    about passion and desire.
A poem that would celebrate
    the joy of loving you,
        give testimony to your tenderness
            your gentleness,
the softness of your skin,
    the heat of excitement,
        the pleasures found within.

But you are so much more than just
    a single night of bliss,
so much more than I can ever
    hope to touch or kiss.
The joy of loving you begins
when our passion has been spent,
as you sleep within my arms
    smiling and content.
The joy of loving you begins
each time I hear you say
that you love me when you wake
at the dawn of each new day.

January 20

Sometimes you ask me the silliest questions:
What would I do if you died before me?
If you were sick, would I resent taking
        care of you?
If you were confined to a wheelchair and could
never make love,
    would I still be in love with you?
What kinds of questions are these to ask?
What causes you to even think this way?

How can you ask me all these questions?
How can you sit there reading my thoughts?
How can you articulate all that I am feeling – 
ask me questions that have just formed in 
        my mind?

When you hurt, I feel the pain.
We both recognize that
when one of us begins to cry,
tears will form in the other’s eyes.
Your questions are my questions.
Your fears are mine.
Your love is my love.
They intertwine.

Sometimes you ask me the silliest questions.
Just when I’m about to ask you the same.
Could it be we have a connection?
Your love and my love – they’re one and
        the same?
January 21

Love transcends time.
It cannot be measured in minutes, hours,
days or years.
I have loved you always; I cannot remember
        at time
when you were not here.

Love is.
There is no beginning;
there is no end.
What lifetime shall mark our anniversary?
What monumental event shall we celebrate?
    Our love has always been.

When I was young
I laughed at the  moon
    and danced with the sun.

As I grew
I reached for the stars
    while dreaming of you.

Never has there been a time
    when your love has not
    joined with mine.

I have always loved you.
You begin with my past,
    fulfill all my dreams.
        bring joy to my days,
            love at this moment,
                and hope for tomorrow.

Love cannot be measured in minutes, hours
days or years;
        but by the memories we’ve shared
    and filled.
and the depth of love
    we always give. 

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