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A Poem to Those Who Drown Themselves in Grief and Sorrow, And Have No Hope or Desire to See Tomorrow


The soul who languishes in darkness

         and despair

Finds comfort in the misery that

         awaits it there


Spends a wasted life,

         wallowing in grief

Drowning in its own tears

         having no belief


That life is both the valleys and

         the peaks

And a new sun shines brightly

         every day.


But in darkness all

         grows weary

And despair, like a shroud,

         is everywhere.


To not extend a hand

         in kindness

Is more cruel than any self-pity

         one wears,


For another human soul seeks


Even if it ignores the hand,

         and remains unaware


That every soul is loved

         by God

And by caring people



I shall not be counted as

         another one

Who turns away and does

         not care.


I shall continue to extend

         my hand

Knowing full well I may be holding only

         empty air


Within my heart and soul I feel


And shall try to join my brothers, sisters

         friends, and mates


Someday we shall walk into

         the sunlight together

As our souls become one, and

         we assimilate,


For despair and sorrow can be


Despair and sorry can be


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