You Are

You are the poem that I write –
The prayer before I sleep each night –
The music that I hear today –
The light that guides my steps each day.

You are my hope and aspiration –
The source of all my inspiration –
The symphony that I try to write –
The rays of the early morning light.

Words are not enough, I cannot conceal –
Symbols expressing all the joy I feel –
So many ways to show how much I care –
Love waiting for a time that we can share.

You are the sonnet the Brownings’
sought to write –
My sweet princess waiting for her
gallant knight –
Cinderella hoping for a perfect fit –
The Mona Lisa smile no one can forget.

You are the star in Van Gogh’s
Starry, Starry night –
The pot of gold beneath the rainbow –
shinning bright –
You are the promised hopes that all
my dreams contained –
The love that since childhood I felt
was preordained.

You are the poem I try to write…
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