With You

With you
        nice things seem to happen.
        Simple things, like going to the
        post office or the telephone.

        But suddenly they have become
        relevant – the most important
        part of the day.

And I am eight years old again, and the
        Saturday matinee promises a new
        adventure – the serial continues
        while the drama unfolds. Each week
        more exciting than the last. Will
        Tonto get the in time?

Nice things seem to happen –
        Like getting unexpected cards, and
        the promise of your hair, and the
        promise of tomorrow, and of April.

And I have definite expectations for April:
    a perfect time
        to eat popcorn
            and hold hands,
               and anxiously await
                 Tonto’s last-second
                    rescue of the Lone Ranger –

With you!
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