Last night in my dream
    you filled all my senses
    with the wonderment of you.
My hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste
    reached capacity
            and still I wanted more.

I listened to your voice,
    your laughter
the little girl I never met
    but suddenly remember.
I listened when you spoke of love
    your words became a symphony,
    until my ears could no longer hear
        but still I wanted more.

You were laying naked, next to me,
    and my eyes discovered
    the canvas of beauty.
Your hair, your eyes, your nose, your lips,
    your face, introduced the painting
    and demanded it be
    the first my eyes would see.
Then I saw the rest of you.
    This work of art became complete.
    Colors blended,
    tones and hues of feeling
    filled my eyes
        and still I wanted more.

I smelled passion of your need
    inhaled the fragrance of your love,
    and closed my eyes
    to look and smell of you
    within my mind.
It was more of you
    than I ever hoped to have
        yet still I wanted more.

I gently touched your hair,
    your face,
    sought to embrace
    the softness that you wear.
I kissed my own fingers
    in tribute for their knowledge
    of the feel of you
        and still I wanted more.

I tasted every part of you,
    and everywhere I rested,
    I discovered a new flavor
    and realized I could never
    taste enough.
I need the taste of you forever
            and still I needed more.

I needed all of you and wanted more,
    but you had filled all my senses
    no room left to fill with more.
You filled my senses with your love
        but still I wanted more.

You were within my dream
and I cried because soon I would wake
            needing even more.
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