My Love; Your Pain

There are times my love cannot reach you –
    cannot penetrate your hurt and pain –
        the self incrimination
                and the blame.
You doubt your worth   
        and are overcome with shame.

You are so pure, so sensitive.
There is absolutely no excuse
why anyone as beautiful as you
should suffer –
        experience such abuse.

Those are the times I need you
        close to me
to feel only my love –
        hear only my voice.
I am your mirror –
        you have a choice.

You doubt who you are,
        you doubt your own worth.
Just look in my heart,
        see through my eye –
You are the light
        that shines in the sky.

I want my love to cover you,
        be the only thing you feel.
I want my love to comfort you.
        I want my love to heal.

See yourself as I see you,
        and know that only this is real.

My love is your blanket
        on a cold winter night.
Wrap it around you –
Let it warm and protect you
        and love you tonight –
        turn the darkness of doubt
        to the dawn’s early light.
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